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Kiwi Resolutions Ltd use Restorative Approaches and Solution Focused Practices in various settings including the workplace, schools and in collaboration with other professional services.  Our main aims are to create places for individuals to work within, learn and live together more cohesively.


We have a range of programmes and workshops which use restorative language and focused conversations - reducing conflict and turning problems into solutions. 


All our programmes are CPD Accredited - we can also create bespoke courses to suit your individual needs.  Please explore our services below, or use the contact button to get in touch 

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One/Two Day Programme

This accredited training course is available to staffing teams from all sectors and can be tailored to suit your individual audience whilst achieving all learning outcomes.  Our interactive model, uses discussions and activities to inform, educate, build on existing abilities and embed new skills based around our two principles of Restorative Approaches (effective communication) and Solution Focused Practices (find solutions, not problems). 


Organisations will benefit by identifying their team’s individual qualities and skills, providing the opportunity to practice new methods to strengthen the team.  We also explore how to implement the approaches, any changes to processes and practice will be discussed at length.  

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Condensed Course

This programme introduces organisations to the principles and practice of Restorative Approaches and Solution Focused Practices and how they benefit the team’s communication and productivity; in turn, helping teams to communicate effectively and feel more supported within the organisation. 


The training focuses participants on conflict resolution, effective communication, problem solving and team strengths to create a more cohesive workplace.  When conflict happens relationships often break down, this can have a negative, indirect impact on many others.  Restorative approaches and solution focused practices can be used within your setting to prevent this from happening, enabling individuals to work effectively together.

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Train the Trainer: Peer Mentoring

The 1.5 day train the trainer course is designed for organisations who wish to train their staff to become peer mentors and support others within their workplace, or to support volunteer peer mentors working with vulnerable adults/children.  The intensive interactive course will equip the trainers with the knowledge and skills to be able to confidently deliver the peer mentor course to a variety of different audiences.  We cover the following topics:

  • How to deliver training in peer support – what makes an effective trainer?  

  • An introduction to restorative approaches and solution focused practices - Improving your relationships & cooperation with colleagues/friends/family.

  • Provide trainers the confidence to share knowledge and support their peers.

  • Provide activities for mentors to complete with their mentees.

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Parent/Carer Skills Workshop

Using restorative approaches and solution focused practices, we offer either a one or two day course (with the option of follow up support) for parents/carers with children who have ASD and other conditions. 


Participants who attend the workshop will either be those with/care for/work with children awaiting a diagnosis of a neuro-diverse condition (such as ASD/ADHD/Aspergers), or need help with the challenges they face as a family.  Our programme will make a difference for families, helping them to feel confident and resilient; in turn, having a positive effect on the wider community - as children are more settled at school, with their peers and going on into later life, reducing the need for further support from outside agencies. 


The course is specifically written for parents/carers with children on the ASD spectrum, however, the strategies work equally well for a number of other conditions and behaviour needs. 


The Kent & Medway Action Learning Sets

Action learning is a collaborative learning method where a small group of participants (an ‘action learning set’) meet regularly to reflect on real, mutual issues and find ways forward.  The principles underpinning an Action Learning Set are founded on the idea of a person presenting a problem, issue or opportunity to a small group of peers. 


It is based on a belief that the most effective learning takes place when we are faced with a real problem to solve.  Action learning can enhance the way in which people learn, drawing on actual practice and using the experience of members working together to apply new ideas to each members’ role. 


Its effectiveness can be measured through the changes made to their work/social and behaviours as well the working environment and the positive results they achieve.  We facilitate 6 sessions of guided peer centred enquiring questions to empower the individuals in the group to find their own solutions.  


Bespoke Programmes/Services

Do you have a particular training need?  We can write bespoke programmes for your setting, guided by your individual requirements and target audience.  These can range from short workshops or a whole series of sessions, including follow up support to imbed the practices learned.  


Has conflict affected your workplace?  As accredited restorative justice practitioners, we can facilitate a restorative process in order to bring people together and rebuild relationships.  This reduces the potential need for grievance processes and reduces the likelihood of further harmful behaviours from repeating. 




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