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Our Services

Kiwi Resolutions Ltd use Restorative Approaches and Solution Focused Practices in various settings including the workplace, schools and in collaboration with other professional services.  Our main aims are to create places for individuals to work within, learn and live together more cohesively.


We have a range of programmes and workshops which use restorative language and focused conversations - reducing conflict and turning problems into solutions.  Please explore our services below, or use the contact button to get in touch 



How do you keep your team happy and give the best they can to the company?

Staff well-being and happiness will maximise the potential for keeping excellent people in your business.

We provide in-house team training & business support services for cohesive working environments with a variety of courses.


Young People

We offer a 4 session programme specially designed for young people under the age of 21 years old.  Focusing on restorative approaches, confidence, solution practices and resilience. 

This course includes follow up support to ensure that our young people can sustain their new skills.



We offer you practical restorative and solution focused training packages to suit adults of all ages in any setting.


Explore our courses to see how we can give you the skills to minimise conflict and assist with reaching your personal and professional goals.  Our training is flexible and is designed to be delivered in-house, giving you more time to focus on what matters to you.


Criminal Justice Services

We offer training and support for both adult and young offenders of all ages in any facility. These services aim to reduce re-offending and conflict, whilst improving resilience and confidence.

Our programmes can also be delivered to staff who work with offenders which focuses on resolving conflict in a restorative way. Click here to find out more.


Consultancy & Bespoke

We can help with reducing conflict and harm within your team, setting or community by facilitating restorative meetings.  

Assisting you to become more solution focused on your staff appraisals, team meetings and supervision sessions.


Writing bespoke training programmes for your setting, guided by your requirements and target audience.