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The Resources

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) global pandemic is a time in history we are all living through. We have been asked to 'stay at home' - this is vitally important to help slow down the spread of the virus and save lives. It is particularly difficult if you are separated from some of your close family members.

The global coronavirus outbreak has meant that severe restrictions are in place for all members of society,and we are sure the extra restrictions you are having to face right now are difficult to adjust to.In order to stop the spread and reduce the number of deaths, we must all do things that are different fromour normal routines. We at Kiwi Resolutions have put together these resources for you to keep your mindoccupied during this time.Included in the resources are inspirational stories, exercise routines, calming activities and mindfulnesspractices, to name but a few.We hope that some of the activities will help you through these unprecedented and frustrating times.

In cell activity pack

Originally designed as a resource for the residents of prisons and secure sites, or those spending long hours in their cells during Lockdown.  However, the positive, thought provoking activities will engage and support anyone who is unable to access group support now.  Included are both physical or motivational tasks for the reader to complete.

Family Journal 2020

With visits cancelled and video calls happening in only some prisons, we created a journal for families to write down their thoughts and feelings during lockdown.  Also included are inspirational quotes and calming colouring activities.

Family Journal 2020 version one: for residents to record their thoughts and feelings to then (if they wish) share with their families when they meet again.

Family Journal version two: has an email link for families to share some of their experience and we can produce a larger record.

Staff wellbeing pack

Our staff well-being pack has tips on healthy snacks, exercise and positive gratitude/mindfulness activities; as well as ideas to interact with service users in a variety of residential settings.  The pages can be copied and used multiple times to encourage positive discussion.

Return to school transition booklet

The interactive activities and ideas in this booklet are designed to open dialogues between staff and students of various ages.  Difficult conversations are made easier when we understand each other’s thoughts and feelings.  Also included is an opportunity for individuals to reflect on their time during lockdown, perhaps some practices will be implemented into daily life when the restrictions are lifted?