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Collaborating with other professionals is important for continual development and to provide a well-rounded service to our clients.  We always look to work with other businesses, writing new programmes for communities and create exciting, innovative projects.  Below are some of the professionals and funders we have worked with.

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

- Henry Ford



CXK is a charitable organisation which delivers a range of services to support young people and adults across the south-east to develop the skills and confidence they need to move into sustainable education, employment or training.  They support young people and adults to develop their skills, raise their aspirations and reach their full potential; and work in partnership with businesses, voluntary organisations and other agencies to develop and deliver services that meet and exceed the needs of the individuals and communities that they work with.


AJD Solutions

AJD Solutions is a Rochester based consultancy service, delivering and evaluating projects that promote social inclusion and community engagement. It has worked in partnership with The Prince’s Trust to work alongside dozens of small and large organisations to deliver activities to young people across the South East. 

AJD Solutions has worked in partnership with Kiwi Resolutions in 2018 to plan, deliver and evaluate two highly successful 3-day programmes for young unemployed people in Kent.



SATEDA stands for Support & Action To End Domestic Abuse.  SATEDA's vision is to end domestic abuse.  Their mission is to enable people to end the cycle of domestic abuse and rebuild their lives, through education, support and advocacy.

SATEDA provide a full journey of support to victims and survivors of domestic, enabling them to take back control and break free from domestic abuse


Kent County Council

The Kent County Council Combined Members Grant provided Kiwi Communities CIC with funding to deliver a tailor-made programme of support for parents who struggle with their child’s behaviour.  Our activities and information gave parents the confidence and skills to help their families manage with often difficult and stressful behaviour patterns.  The parents were also provided with guidance on how to support their child's behaviour and promote more positive responses. 

During the programme, the participants will discuss various topics including, but not limited to:

   - Practical strategies and solutions

   - Providing valuable techniques 

   - Strategies for a range of behaviour



Canterbury City Council

The Canterbury City Council RISE grant funded Kiwi Communities CIC to work with parents and foster carers who have children with Autism, Asperger’s and other neuro-diverse conditions.  For some parents, a diagnosis for their child can be daunting and upsetting, however, we have found that once a parent adjusts, they become an expert in the condition and how best to support their child. 


During the programme, participants discussed various topics including, but not limited to:   

   - Providing a calm environment in order to discuss family concerns

   - How to use solution focused skills to scale positive outcomes

   - Sharing peer advice and strategies



HMP Elmley

We developed a complete programme for the men at HMP Elmley.  We focused on improving levels of goal setting & personal development, including a variety of activities based around two principles that are proven to have a significant impact in changing behaviours & reducing re-offending - Restorative Approaches & Solution focused Practices.

 - During our motivational & inspirational personal development programme, we encouraged the development of skills to make positive life-changing decisions. 

 - The men implemented & explore goal/target setting with solution scales & understanding positive goal setting techniques.  

 - We fostered a rehabilitative culture & provide activities/skills to be used immediately in various social situations & within the community to build & maintain positive relationships. 



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