Kiwi Communities CIC

What is Kiwi Communities CIC?

At Kiwi Communities CIC, our primary objective is to improve communities by using restorative approaches and solution focused practices.  We deliver both short, impactful information workshops and long-term projects.  All our work aims to change the mindsets of the participants and provide activities and skills which can be used immediately in various social situations; reducing conflict and finding solutions.

Our focus is on improving and investing in the communities in which we work.  As we are an inclusive and person-centered service, we upskill people from any background and all ages. Kiwi Communities CIC tackle a wide range of social issues including but not limited to:

- Reducing re-offending

- Improving the prospects of the long-term unemployed

- Rebuilding relationships

- Challenging negative behaviours

- Raising resilience and confidence


By using our solutions to achieve positive outcomes, we believe that Kiwi Communities CIC has a distinct and valuable role to play in helping create strong, sustainable and socially inclusive communities.


Young person’s courses

ages 11-25   6 sessions or 3 days

- Improve resilience

- Raise aspirations

- Build confidence/self-esteem

- Provide skills in conflict resolution

- Realise the effects of your actions

- Identify what you want in your future

- Managing feelings

- Give clarity to what is within your capacity

- Encourage belonging

- Explore how to reach your goal

- Develop various responses to situations

- Acquire a sense of empathy with others


Those at risk of offending

4 session courses

  - Specific skills to reduce re-offending

  - Addressing negative behaviours

  - Encouraging ownership and responsibility

  - Implementing restorative approaches

  - Critical thinking and reflection


  - Exploring restorative questions 

  - Discussion on the seriousness of offences

  - Identifying positive change

  - Solution focused thinking  


Inspire programme

high achieving disadvantaged young people       

4session course

     - How to create solution situations

     - Why should I think solution focused?

     - How can it help me?

     - Accepting change

     - General problem solving 

     - Difficult choices/making better decisions

     - Troublesome relationships

     - Personal targets

     - Achieving goals

     - Improving aspirations


Parent Skills Workshop

One day courses

   - Giving practical strategies and solutions

   - Providing techniques for parents

   - Strategies for challenging behaviour

   - Support and sustainable change 

   - Follow up support for families

   - Working with the whole family

   - Bespoke to the needs of each family



Action Learning Sets

All ages - 6 session sets

- Guided group peer support

- Encouraging of solution-focused skills

- How to change your choices

- Bringing people together

- Build strong, supportive relationships

- Participants will listen to the issue​

- Create a greater understanding of the issue

- Collaborative learning method 

- Reflect on real issues to find ways forward. 

- Solving real problems. 

- Enhance the way in which people learn,

  drawing on actual practice.


Restorative & Solution Focused Training

 for adults

- Training to staff in conflict resolution.

- Community champions workshops.

- Provide support to peers

- Addressing problematic behaviours 

  - Promote a culture of change.

  - Building and repairing relationships

  - Enabling positive and focused actions

  - Enhance emotional well-being


​Tel: 01843 310063​​​​

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