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Here are some examples of the previous successful projects we have delivered. Working with young people, corporate clients and community members across the South-East, however, our services extend beyond these audiences and services. 

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Solution Focused Practices

One Day Training

Kiwi Resolutions Ltd delivered a one-day training programme course to a Kent-based business who specialises in fresh produce.  At the beginning of the day, the delegates completed an activity on how their individual skills complement the team. Many of the delegates found it hard to think about how their personal tasks had any impact on their colleagues, as they worked in different departments.  As the day went on, the participants began to see how their own skills and qualities were a crucial part of the team as a whole. They saw how the ‘solution focused’ way of working can be embedded within their working practices to reach targets quicker and more effectively.  


The delegates also said they rarely receive supervision or appraisals and were unsure of how questioning during these sessions could be structured in a positive way. They were given advice and suggestions on how a solution way of thinking can make it simpler for team leaders and members to reflect on what they have already achieved and how to document their future aspirations.  


Kiwi Resolutions Ltd can not only provide training on solution-focused practices but also work on a bespoke and personal service to assist you in creating more constructive and positive processes for your whole team.  The practice is suitable for adults and young people alike.

Restorative Processes with young people

Reflection training

Kiwi Communities CIC worked with a group of 10 young people in Kent, delivering a 4-session programme to the participants, all of whom had no previous understanding of restorative approaches.  Although the members of the group were happy to attend, many of them were shy and resistant to take part in activities at the start of the programme. Over the following sessions, using restorative practices which provide a safe, fair and honest environment, the young people became more receptive and opened up about the negative aspects of their lives. 


The change during the 4 sessions in all the participants’ outlook for their future was not only positive but heart-warming in equal measures. The young people were visibly more confident and comfortable talking in a group and we're excited to share the work they had completed as a team.  During the follow-up sessions, the young people spoke of how they had used their new skills not only with their friends but also during family disputes. They had learned to sit and discuss issues before they escalated.


Kiwi Communities CIC can provide a range of training on restorative approaches, both for adults and young people.  As accredited restorative practitioners, we can also facilitate restorative processes – aside from our training programmes - to reduce conflict and harm in any setting.

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After attending a 1 day course in restorative practices & solution focused practices


“Sometimes you think certain solutions are obvious, but this course has shown me a new perspective and a better way to tackle difficult situations in both my professional and personal life”



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