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We guarantee interactive restorative and solution focused training and support for individuals and whole teams.  Delivering in-house, quality training and support services - that's what we do!  Explore our website for details on our various training packages and further ways we can support you with restorative and solution-focused practices. 

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How we can help you


Using Restorative Approaches

Do you need help to improve your relationships with clients, colleagues or peers?  Perhaps you would like to know how to improve engagement or manage conflict, we can help!


Solution Focused Practices

Suited for adults and young people - we can help you to identify your best outcomes in appraisals and personal progress either in a group or one-to-one basis. This will assist you to become more solution focused on your steps to success.


Training and Aftercare

We offer a range of courses, whether a full 2-day course or a 90-minute condensed session, we can tailor a programme for your setting.  Explore our website for further information on how we provide restorative and solution focused support.